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Silverfish is a non trusted place to buy your sunglasses to surf with. I would even add that I would be careful with putting them on and surf with. We bought a year ago from this place and had a one time successful surfing with them. As we were out of the water, we were amazed that the frame was broken and couldn't believe that it happened.

First of all, it could have caused damage to my eyes and $100 glasses you expect more than that.

When we contacted the owner of silverfish and asked to return the glasses to him, he notified us to go a head and do it, but shipping is on us. I was shocked to get this e-mail, instead of ship it themselves and offer us something if we are willing to try them again.

A year after, we decided to give it a try again, and order from them although our negative impression from last year. We ordered that from their web site and an hour after, we get an email that say :"Because you have multiple returns, we can only process this order if you accept that it is non-returnable and is sold "as-is", with no warranty". Would you buy from an unreliable place like that? would you risk your eyes and money for a place that doesn't stand behind its company???? well, not me!

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Silverfish, you are welcome to rebuttals, but please don't call out customers saying that you can identify who they are.I find that somewhat threatening and request you remove me from your records.

I am merely exercising my rights as an unhappy customer.

I am compiling all these conversations and genuinely hope you comply.There shall be no more contact between you and I.

Thank you


Original complaint below.I rest my case.

And I know who you are too. I can count the number of businesses on hand that don't stand by their product. The end.

If these glasses did what they intended there would be no problem. I experienced three issues: 1) After even calling and talking to associate with my Rx, he assured distortion would not be a problem with sunglasses "wrap".

It was. Company offered to take a look at Rx after I paid for shipping, but again, the issue was not Rx, but distortion. They then proceeded to tell me there was no refunds. The other problems associated was that they fell off the one time I used them surfing 3 foot waves, and 3) They bruised my nose because there is a lack of padding.

Keep in mind, I paid extra for many of these things (PREMIUM lab, leash, etc...) The company tries to paint a picture of myself misrepresenting their product, even when I spoke to them on the phone getting their assurance of how satisfied I would be. Beyond that, they have NO showroom, nor physical address. If you are into watersports beware. Any serious surfer wouldn't wear this junk in the water.

They have testamonials, but the product is made in China and in peices in my house. Originally I only wanted the lenses to be switched to non-prescription because of "wrap distortion". They wouldn't even do it. When I said I would spread the word about their product, there reply was, "We also have legal rights we will use if neccessary".

So much for customer satisfaction!Save your money!


Hey, what about my attempted return?Was that *** too?

There is a lot of bad press on the internet about your product and it's not by me. Copyright infringements, made in China, return policy pay for shipping, promises over the phone? In my case, you wouldn't even consider switching out the lens for a non-prescription BECAUSE THERE WAS DISTORTION WHICH YOU PROMISED WOULDN'T BE A PROBLEM! Not to mention it bruised my nose and fell apart.

By the way, I lake how your video's edit out wipe-outs and doesn't show anyone getting tubed. Very creative marketing. Instead of trying to call people's ***, why not be a ethical company?

I lost a lot of money on you guy's, and it still hurts.Bummer.

to Toober Laguna Beach, California, United States #680901

While “Toober” didn’t leave his name, we pretty much know who it is, because in the last ten years, we can count the “upset customers” on one hand. Toober purchased back in 2008 and after getting prescription, which is a custom product, he apparently changed his mind. He has complained to the BBB and the State of California. The BBB complaint has been removed and nothing came out of his complaints to the State.

He previously claimed that “the distortion was unbearable”, yet irrationally and illogically used the sunglasses in the ocean before contacting Silverfish. He couldn’t describe the distortion to us, just that it was distortion. Always in the past, a customer experiencing a problem with their prescription will state something like “the right eye is blurry” or “I can’t see as well through them as compared to my regular prescription glasses”. Never have we received the non-specific claim of distortion with the request for a refund, instead of a fix. We asked him to send in the frames so that we could check the Rx multiple times. Always, we work with the customer to get the prescription right. Almost always, it is the customer who made an error while inputting the Rx. Even when this happens, Silverfish works with the customer to fix the prescription, at our cost, except for the cost to ship it to us, if done within 90 days.

We have a clear, posted policy stating “Refunds are not given on custom-made items such as prescriptions.” Toober, never allowed us to check his prescription, to make his “distortion” go away. Instead, Toober, demanded his money back with the threat of bad press and “legal action”.

Laguna Beach, California, United States #640476

The complaining customer above (Surfer from California) purchased a pair and then returned them for a complete refund.

She purchased two more pair (under a different name, but the same address) and said that one pair broke after 1st use. This is extremely rare. Still, we told her that we would refund the cost of the sunglasses including shipping. She also wanted us to pay for her shipping them back, which we would have done if we found that they broke due to a manufacturer defect, but not up front.

We refunded all money for sunglasses, including shipping, that she paid. Because we felt she was a dishonest customer, we chose not to business with her.

If she was disappointed and thought they could have "caused damage", why would she make a 4th purchase?

4/22/13 customer makes another inquiry about purchasing.

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